Sunday, February 11, 2007


I really haven't blogged in a while. I never really know what to blog about. My wonderful, beautiful sister Linda is coming home for a bit on Saturday. ahem. and so is her great friend Peggy :] Which im practically shaking in my boots with excitment! yes...yes..

Anyway! i spent this weekend with my really good friend Mary. [by the way, i LOVE that name!!] I was over her house and then she was over mine. We took a bunch of pictures.

<- - - - yeah. haha thats us. she's great. we took so many pictures over her house. this one, Mary had just accidentaly spit out her bubble gum. So.. :[ bye bye bubble gum!
this was before we got rid of our bubble gum.
hah. my ginourmus bubble - - - - - >
So Much Fun.
Can't wait till Linda and Peggy comes!