Saturday, March 3, 2007

Young Minds.... and shrimp.

Remember when you were little and you only wanted things because they were your favorite color? Who cares what it is? It's PINK!

I remember when i was about 6 or 7 and going to some ancient grocery store.

... getting to the Noodle isle and checking out the soups, .... crying a bit after i couldn't get that macaroni and cheese shaped in little cartoon characters....

Anyway, getting to the shelf with the Top Ramen solved all my problems.

i checked out every little colored wrapped package, but i ALWAYS got the pink one. ALWAYS.

so that was my ONE thing i got to get on that trip! I got home.

Mommy cooked my "pink noodles". I ate it. I gagged. I hated it. I always thought it would taste better every time i bought it. It didn't. So, for the next few years or so, i bought this nasty stuff. why did i do it? because it was pink.

So time went by... i learned to read! guess what else i learned?

that Pink ramen is SHRIMP FLAVORED. SHRIMP?!

come on.

Well that officially shattered my dreams of loving that Pink package someday.

I still hate it.

haha! so thats my random story for the day! Anybody else have a story like this?