Saturday, August 11, 2007

Show Biz

No Joke.
I've got the curlers and everything!
I'm in the amazing show Never Cry Wolf.
Opening Night wasn last night. We did pretty ok.
but today we have a matinee and an evening show.
thats 3 shows! heh.
I've got a half hour before i need to leave for the Matinee.
So wish me luck!
I'll be back here after the Cast Party to see all my love comments :)

5 things people said about this!!!! =]:

Benjamin said...

GOOD LUCK! I bet you are having so SO much fun in a play, I lOVED stuff like that. I still do.

I LOVE that you are using those curlers... mom probably bought those in the 70's. I loved it when mom put them in my hair and my hair was all curly for church! I hope you will post lots of pictures from your show!

And this is Sarah again...

Linda said...

I was actually thinking about those curlers the other day wishing I still had them...ahhh.

Good luck amanda, I'm sure you're a rockstar!!

amanda said...

Thank You, Thank You!!!!

Tiff said...

I wish we could be there for the play! I bet you were fantastic! I need to get some of those curlers for takes me back to my childhood!

Tiffany said...

I wore those curlers too when I was a little girl. They work so well!