Wednesday, July 9, 2008

EFY =)

Yes, I just got back from Utah this MORNING. Might i add, 5:00 am. I slept untill 1:30 pm. in case you were wondering. haha.
Anyway, I had a FABULOUS time at EFY. Gosh, it was just so amazing. I can't wait untill next year!
This is all of us. We had the biggest session of the summer and the biggest company of the session! Our company name was Terrified and Affrighted!

Our councelors...Gosh, they were the best! Hillarie, Michael, Heather, Brett, and Michelle. My councelor was Hillarie, the first girl on the left.
All the girls in my group with Hillarie, our councelor. Ahh! I love them all so much, and they're so beautiful! and I miss them like crazy!

The fourth of july was our last day. We had a huge banquet before the big dance. :) Which was fantastic, by the way.

Okay, More random pictures of people and us!

Our service project was knitting hats. So we took a group picture. haha.
Ahh! I just love it all!!! :)
So after EFY i spent a couple of days with Chris Tiff Brielle and Dean. Which was amazing! They're awesome. I love you guys!