Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ahem, Mormor?

Look what i found!
These are actually for Tiffany, but -hah- i couldn't stand it any longer!

And incase you are wondering, Yes, this is mormor.
..and yes, she is watching wrestling.

And when mom asked her about it she replied, "Yes, i like it!"
ahh, i love her!

Friday, September 26, 2008

the life!

Top Ten Reasons why i haven't blogged in years, and my crazy life!:

10. I have completely lost my taste for homework, period.

9. I have something at least every single night after school except thursdays. And i still don't manage to get much done then!

8. I'm getting used to seminary! And, it's fun!

7. I can't wait for November. Swim Team!!

6. My english teacher gives us LOTS of homework, and he speaks in a monotone 24/7 so its pretty much impossible to actually understand what he's saying.

5. I miss Utah, like crazy.

4. There are no dang mountians here.

3. I wish i was going to Utah for General Conference.

2. I'm actually swimming again! Yay! I haven't swam since my summer team, almost three months! But im getting into shape for the Mustangs. (:

And the number one reason i haven't blogged in a million years,

1. I never really know what to say!