Monday, December 31, 2007

I Finished It!!!

I LOVED IT! I seriously read it in less than two days.
Now i have to hunt down New Moon, the second one!
Yes, it is highly recommended.
It's so good!
Thanks Satin Sally! She gave it to me for Christmas.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Drumroll Please!

HAH! thats a great one.
Christmas movies are awesome.
Anyway, just a few more days untill we drive down to boston for christmas!
im so excited. So i have a few movies in mind to bring up. tell me what you think.
~White Christmas
~The Polar Express
~The Silver-Spoon Christmas Special (whatever that is. It better be good,Linda.) =)

Any other suggestions?????

Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Rueckert Family Football Team

So heres what we got so far:

Daniel - QB
Jonathan - Wide Recepter??
Mark and Eric - just do whatever you want.
Matthew and Oliver - tackler
Max - climb on people's backs and yell "HIEE!!!"
Dean - runner and catcher?!
Benson - just smile and wave boy. smile and wave.

Brielle - Cheerleader

Congrats Sarah! 1 more boy.
Any positions avalible for this one?
or.. maybe he could be a cheerleader with lonesome Brielle over there?
i don't know.
Anyway, Brielle sure will have lots of boy cousins to help her out!
Boy nephews are great too. =)
I love you all!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Let It Snow !

a little blurry, but i went over to Mary's for a while to play =)

We got out of school at 1:55. YAY! I couldn't believe it finally snowed.

But First... Let me show you what it looked like =)

Our Yard Mary's Yard. Yes, that is her pool :)

Anyway, we had a lot of fun!


andd me....

haha M&Ms are way good. :)

Decking the Halls =)
Merry Christmas!

Fun Night =)

Babysitter #1: Amanda

Babysitter #2: Brianna

Our Victim: The Shmeese

One Fun Night =)

Playing with letters...

and dumping them on brianna..

and when that little boy was plumb tuckered out..
where were the amazing babysitters??
goofing off in amandas room =)
I love you Shmeese.
I love you Brianna.
Babysitting is fun =)