Sunday, December 9, 2007

Let It Snow !

a little blurry, but i went over to Mary's for a while to play =)

We got out of school at 1:55. YAY! I couldn't believe it finally snowed.

But First... Let me show you what it looked like =)

Our Yard Mary's Yard. Yes, that is her pool :)

Anyway, we had a lot of fun!


andd me....

haha M&Ms are way good. :)

Decking the Halls =)
Merry Christmas!

5 things people said about this!!!! =]:

The Thomas Family said...

You look SO beautiful!!!!

Tiff said...

Hey sarah that is what I was going to say! You look so pretty and grown up! Gosh, I can't believe you are 13!

amanda said...

haha thanks =)

Linda said...

i love all your pictures! You're so beautiful and it looks like you have some fun friends. I'm excited for you to come here. we should plan for stuff you can bring up from home...start thinking. this all rests on you!!!

Likely said...

you do look very pretty in those pictures :)