Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Rueckert Family Football Team

So heres what we got so far:

Daniel - QB
Jonathan - Wide Recepter??
Mark and Eric - just do whatever you want.
Matthew and Oliver - tackler
Max - climb on people's backs and yell "HIEE!!!"
Dean - runner and catcher?!
Benson - just smile and wave boy. smile and wave.

Brielle - Cheerleader

Congrats Sarah! 1 more boy.
Any positions avalible for this one?
or.. maybe he could be a cheerleader with lonesome Brielle over there?
i don't know.
Anyway, Brielle sure will have lots of boy cousins to help her out!
Boy nephews are great too. =)
I love you all!

3 things people said about this!!!! =]:

Tiff said...

Amanda you are cute! Luckily Brielle has a super aunt who is only 10 years older!

Linda said...

seriously. can't we all be on the team?

Likely said...

maybe it can be all the cousins vs. the aunts and uncles and then grandpa rueckert slices up cheesecake for the winners!