Wednesday, August 27, 2008


C. Miltons going good.
It's a lot different than Middle school, im not gonna lie. But i like it way better!
The days just seem to go by a lot faster. (Considering we have only four classes per day and they are each about 85 minutes long.)
At Southampton we had like seven or eight classes i think and they were like 40 minutes long. So its a big change.
I take French I. :) Its pretty fun too! I don't think i have any teachers that my siblings have though, which of corse isn't as fun! haha. But my teachers are great.
So in case any of you were wondering, I just got finished six pages of English homework that took me about two hours and three pages of Earth Science which took me about a half hour. ha! And i still managed to finish my homework at 5:15!
Just how do I do it? I'm really not to crazy about my English teacher. (see enormous amount of homework on the SECOND DAY TEACHING US above.)
And I can't wait untill November when swimming season starts!!!
C. Milton's swim team is going to rock this year. :) I can feel it.

by the way, any of you like my new fancy background??????

Monday, August 4, 2008


My family is amazing.
that's all.