Wednesday, August 27, 2008


C. Miltons going good.
It's a lot different than Middle school, im not gonna lie. But i like it way better!
The days just seem to go by a lot faster. (Considering we have only four classes per day and they are each about 85 minutes long.)
At Southampton we had like seven or eight classes i think and they were like 40 minutes long. So its a big change.
I take French I. :) Its pretty fun too! I don't think i have any teachers that my siblings have though, which of corse isn't as fun! haha. But my teachers are great.
So in case any of you were wondering, I just got finished six pages of English homework that took me about two hours and three pages of Earth Science which took me about a half hour. ha! And i still managed to finish my homework at 5:15!
Just how do I do it? I'm really not to crazy about my English teacher. (see enormous amount of homework on the SECOND DAY TEACHING US above.)
And I can't wait untill November when swimming season starts!!!
C. Milton's swim team is going to rock this year. :) I can feel it.

by the way, any of you like my new fancy background??????

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Linda said...

just keep doing your work! school is stressful but it sounds like you have some healthy ideas about it now. Good luck with it. and call me more often. I wish I was closer!

The Thomas Family said...

I'm so glad you are looking forward to swimming! It is SO fun! I'm also glad you are liking CMW- high school can be really fun.

Inger said...

Amanda, we are all cheering you on! You did so well this first week! Keep it up AND you will be A WINNER! This is only the beginning of the rest of your life!

Likely said...

fancy schmancy background --totally you.

High school is so much fun - enjoy it while it lasts. Make good friends that make good choices and stay away from friends that suck away your time and energy and are mean if you know what I mean -ha ha. I think you do -- just basically girls that are gossipy and tear each other down. High School social life can get tricky, but you have a good head on your shoulder and good friends already, so you are on your way to success!

I am excited to watch you swim -- how cool will it be to be on the HS swim team? very very cool.

Team Bryant said...

Hi Amanda! I updated my blog and I need to get some pictures of you on may take me awhile. wE had so much fun with you. My boys love you. Come and visit us soon. Love you, Elise