Friday, July 17, 2009

This is for Grace :)

So...I sorta forgot i had a blog. Really, i did.

But Grace gave me lots of stuff to blog about. Starting with everything i've done so far this summer!! I started with EFY at BYU Provo. June 29th to July 4th. Which was way awesome because we got to hang with Chris & Tiff for the fourth!

Here's my group of girls. They're so awesome!!

Here are our boys.... :) ask me your questions. i know you have some.

Our boys with my ADORABLE, AMAZING councelor, Heidi!

This is our entire company. It's pretty small, compared to my last year's. But we still had a blast!
And finally, me with some of my favorite guys of the year.. :)

And that's EFY! It just keeps getting better and better every year. :)

Now for YOUTH CONFERENCE: July 8th to July 11th.

A couple of us outside the John Johnson farm in Kirtland.
Did i mention we went to Ohio???

Did i mention we're REALLY cool???

Game Night!

They had marshmallow shooting. It was boss.
PS, that's my EFY shirt.

Awesome guy, Jonathan, we met at the "This is Kirtland!" play. He was in it, of course, which made it all the better!

At the dance!!

Which was pretty awesome by the way. Me, Grace, and Isabel are pretty much the lds dance dream team.

Last one: this is all of us, getting ready for the dance that night. Shoutout to Aubree, her hairstyling rocks out loud.

And thats it for right now! I have Girls Camp next week, so be prepared for some intense pictures. Elise and Dan and the boys left this morning, I haven't even looked at our camera yet to see how many pictures are on it from that trip.. But Sarah and Ben have plenty of pictures from that to put up. Leaving that up to them.

But it was super fun having Elise, Linda, and Sarah here all together. The Rueckert Sisters are unstoppable!

And uploading pictures on here is such a pain. So i hope you enjoyed this, because who knows the next time i take the time to do all this again. sheesh.