Sunday, November 25, 2007

Movies I Saw This Weekend.

By: Amanda


<--Incase you can't read the tiny picture..

Mr. Magorium's Wonder Imporium

Intresting movie. It reminded me a lot of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Nevertheless, it was very cute.

Go watch it!!!

<-- Enchanted. Maybe you've heard of it?
I went to go see it with Satin Sally last night.
Rated: PG
This time, you don't have a choice. GO SEE IT.
Seriously, it's adorable and VERY funny.

Turkey Day

Happy Turkey Day!
I don't have pictures right now.. i'll post them later.

Anyway, Linda came down from Boston on Wednesday night. That's always fun. :)
On Thursday, David, Tiffany, Max, and Oliver came over to have fun with us!
Of course, we all knew the second Max got there. "HIIEEEE!!!!!!" *huge gasp* "GAAGEE!!"
(coco was of course, barking his head off.)

We all love it when Max comes.

Since after a while, we all ot sick and tired of just sitting around while mom and dad were cooking. So we decided ("we" being David, Linda, and I) to take Max outside for some old-fashioned leaf raking! Max loved it. (again, you will see pictures later)
Once we got a good pile built, we'd yell 1-2-3- GOO!!!! And Max would gallop, giggling his own head off, into the leaf pile!
Leaf Raking is fun! (:

Then we ate. Dad, as usual, started a political conversation. Of course after about 5 minutes Linda and I were so full we couldn't finish anything else.

So once everybody else was finished, we went downstairs. David and Linda had rented Stranger that Fiction and We Are Marshall.

good movies.
Then everybody went up for pie and stuff.. and i watched the Incredibles on TV. :)
I haven't seen that in forever!!
David and Tiffany left. And Dad, Mom, Linda, and I all watched the Office.
I swear, we never get tired of that show.
By then it was like, 11:00.
So we called it a day.
It was fun!
I miss you all. :)

Monday, November 12, 2007

ANOTHER YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

truly amazing.

Last night we were just hanging out in the family room.. ("we" being Sarah, Ben, Benson, Coco, and Moi.)

And i decided to mention to Ben that i couldn't figure out how to find my camera memory card on the computer.

So he says he'll take a look at it..

ABSOLUTLY POSITIVE it still won't work, i put my memory card in.


are you kidding me?

[see post titled FRUSTERATION!!!]

It never worked before!!! i promise!!


i honestly don't believe it.

So i then took about another hour and a half uploading 675 pictures to the computer. =)

trust me, i had a lot to catch up on.

(and i didn't just make that number up. that was seriously how many there was!)

So to make a looong story short, YOU WILL SEE PICTURES ON MY BLOG AGAIN!


don't forget to comment.


Monday, November 5, 2007


Mr. Bair submitted names from our orchestra at school to the All-County people. And i got accepted!!! I'm so excited!
And they have 16 violas! I've never played with that many before.
Harford String Orchestra has 6, and my school orchestra has 3!
This should be fun.. I'm so happy!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Christmas Gifts!!

This year, I got the job of drawing the names from a hat for christmas gifts.
it was fun.
So first mom and i did all the siblings. Then we did all the cousins.
That was when the fun started.
before we started the cousins, mom pointed out to me that there were 5 Bryant boys and 5 other kids. (not Bryant boys)
So we chuckled at the fact, and kept drawing names.
After a while, mom pointed out that all the other cousins were getting bryant boys for some reason!!!
WE ARE SUCH BLONDES!!!!! (well, i am.)
It took us a second or two; but we finally realized that poor Elise has to buy gifts for EVERY COUSIN.
[because bryant boys cannot give to bryant boys. thats why.]
All of a sudden, mom and i just started cracking up.
seriously, i don't think mom or i have ever laughed so hard in my LIFE.
both of us were just wiping tears from our eyes and rolling on our backs for about 5 minutes.

The fact that Elise has to buy stuff to everyone is just so funny!!!!!
Well, at lease every Bryant boy will get a present. :)

I wish you guys could have been there. ah! SOO FUNNY.

Our Cousin List looked like this:

Daniel give to Brielle
Jonathan give to Max
Mark give to Benson
Eric give to Dean
Matthew give to Oliver
Brielle give to Daniel
Max gove to Jonathan
Benson give to Mark
Dean give to Eric
Oliver give to Matthew

The rest of you will just have to wait for the Siblings list. I'll post it if i get enough comments on this. ;)

Thursday, November 1, 2007


I lost the cord to my camara!!!!!!
trust me, i am not happy.
and thats why i haven't been posting a lot lately!
i think i can put in my memory card.. i tried that today and a little light turned on.
i nearly went balistic.
but then i couldn't find my memory card connection on the computer!!
then i went balistic in a different way.
i hope i can get more pictures soon!!!!

anyway, how was your halloween?
I had my Orchestra practice that night. We were so mad.
well, at least I was.
after orchestra it was 7:30. so i went trick-or-treating with Isabel and Manoa (i think only Linda, Sarah, and Tiffany know who they are. Maybe Chris?) and another friend from Orchestra, Erin. We all went in Erin's neighborhood.
for like, a hour and a half.
because according to mom, NOBODY goes trick-or-treating after 9:00. psh.
she was right. =/
After a while we found ourselves all alone...???
*ding-dong!* "Sorry, we're all out of candy"
finally we gave up.
at least i still got some candy! (:
Happy Halloween!