Sunday, November 25, 2007

Turkey Day

Happy Turkey Day!
I don't have pictures right now.. i'll post them later.

Anyway, Linda came down from Boston on Wednesday night. That's always fun. :)
On Thursday, David, Tiffany, Max, and Oliver came over to have fun with us!
Of course, we all knew the second Max got there. "HIIEEEE!!!!!!" *huge gasp* "GAAGEE!!"
(coco was of course, barking his head off.)

We all love it when Max comes.

Since after a while, we all ot sick and tired of just sitting around while mom and dad were cooking. So we decided ("we" being David, Linda, and I) to take Max outside for some old-fashioned leaf raking! Max loved it. (again, you will see pictures later)
Once we got a good pile built, we'd yell 1-2-3- GOO!!!! And Max would gallop, giggling his own head off, into the leaf pile!
Leaf Raking is fun! (:

Then we ate. Dad, as usual, started a political conversation. Of course after about 5 minutes Linda and I were so full we couldn't finish anything else.

So once everybody else was finished, we went downstairs. David and Linda had rented Stranger that Fiction and We Are Marshall.

good movies.
Then everybody went up for pie and stuff.. and i watched the Incredibles on TV. :)
I haven't seen that in forever!!
David and Tiffany left. And Dad, Mom, Linda, and I all watched the Office.
I swear, we never get tired of that show.
By then it was like, 11:00.
So we called it a day.
It was fun!
I miss you all. :)

2 things people said about this!!!! =]:

The Thomas Family said...

Sounds great, wish I could have been there!!!

Tiffany said...

good times!

thanks for always being such a great aunt.