Thursday, December 11, 2008


I'm sure you all remember this song on Chris and Tiff's wedding video.
I was looking it up the other day and i came across this video and just cracked up!!!
It's so halarious for this song!
ps, does anyone else think they look LDS?

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Santa Lucia

Mom wanted me to post this one, from Friday night at the stake Christmas party. I was Santa Lucia and Isabel, Kirsti, and the Koncurat children were my helpers. :)

My Pathetic Twilight Story

Alright, I hope this makes you all laugh, because i can't even think about it without chuckling a little!
The Night I went to see Twilight was a disaster. But the best day of my life.
November 21: The Day Twilight came out.
At school, i saw it was snowing, which made me more excited because.. well, who doesn't love snow on the day TWILIGHT of all movies comes out?!
it was perfect, i tell you.
That night at swim practice, i could barely concentrate on what 200 set we were on because i was too excited to see it! At 8:20, my life would start. (And don't mention the melodramatic-ness. I was just too excited.)
And here's when the story gets good.
We're swimming, and the bus driver comes in and informs my coach that there is too much ice on the road and we won't be able to move for about an hour and a half.
Keep in mind that this was at about 5:00. So i was a little scared but i would get home at like 6:45. No sweat. right?
So our team is just chilling in the locker room, the bus driver comes back in. "ANOTHER 50 MINUTES."
Now it's cutting it a little close. I was planning on going home, taking a long shower, curling my hair, borrowing my friend's Twilight shirt to wear to the movie, looking gorgeous like Rosalie...
As long as we move soon, i'll be fine.
It's 7:30. My movie starts in less than an hour.
Why me?
FINNALY, and i mean, FINNALY, we can leave. I practically bomb myself onto the bus and we drive start driving home.
Isabel Braun calls me. And informs me that our friend, Nicole, (who has my ticket for tonight) cannot MOVE out of her house. She lives in the middle of nowhere, pretty much, and has enough ice around her house to ice skate on.
I start to PANIC. I called Nicole and told her to get herself out of that house. I don't care how. Just DO IT.
She tells me she can't... she's really sorry... blah blah blah..
yeah, sure, sorry for ruining my life.
By now, im pretty much in hysterics on the BUS. Thank goodness it was dark outside because i'm pretty sure my face was exploding, i was crying so hard.
I call Isabel again, and her mom is on the phone with my mom, trying to find another way to go tonight. No such luck. After a while Isabel and her mom decide to go tomorrow, with Nicole and want to know if i want to go with them. NO.
Tomorrow is the scout spaghetti dinner at the church, and no way am i missing that.
I tell Isabel she's nuts for going tomorrow.
I get home, still gasping and coughing and sputtering and crying.
I ran through the front door, and moaned, "MOMMM!!!!!!" and threw myself dramatically on the couch. (totally true. i promise. Ask mom.)
Mom tells me how lucky i am that at least i can go tomorrow, but NO! I have to go to church! And besides, it's not the same when you don't see it the night it comes out. It's not as special.
I run upstairs in my room, feeling sorry for myself.
And my mother, for all intents and purposes, (thats a twilight quote) came upstairs with a brilliant idea that we call the theatre and see if there is any more tickets for a later showing tonight. I love her.
There are more tickets!!
In a desperate attempt to make myself look good, (coming straight from swimming) i put on a different sweater than my BAAC swimming oversized monster sweatshirt.
So, I'm driving to the movie theatre, and i just start cracking up.
Mom asks why, and i tell her.
#1: This was so NOT my plan of seeing Twilight the movie of my life.
#2: My hair is still wet.
#3: No Shower. Chlorine is still in my hair.
#4: Hair is not curled pretty.
#5: I never got to go to my friend's house and borrow her Twilight shirt. I'm wearing an American Eagle sweater. not my plan.
#6: No makeup. at all.
And finally, ready for this?
#7: I'm still wearing my bathing suit.

When i realized that, i just about died laughing.
I'm going to the 10:20 showing of my movie, and i look hideous.
And i don't even care.
The movie was amazing, by the way.
And it was super fun going with Linda, Tiffany, Dave, and the Blaylocks again!
Even though... My siblings weren't as excited as i was. Nor as enthusiastic about the whole thing.
But still. I loved it.
So thats the end of my PATHETIC Twilight story. And it still makes me laugh. :)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Guess Guess Guess!

What comes out tomorrow?!?!??!!

and who is going to see at at 9:45 PM?!?!?!!?!?


Thursday, October 23, 2008


Okay, so here's the top five things im WAY excited for right now.

#5 - High School Musical 3! I know it's dorky, but both Sarah and I know that they aren't that bad! And i've heard some of the songs from it and they're actually pretty fun! haha!

#4 - Halloween! I'm being a cowgirl. :) And my outfit is adorable! Pics later.

#3 - Linda is coming for Thanksgiving!!!! I can't wait! It can seriously get lonely without seeing your siblings for months! And i'm sorry about your ipod. :( I was really sad too.

#2 - THE TWILIGHT SOUNDTRACK FOR THE MOVIE COMES OUT IN STORES NOVEMBER 4TH. AND THE SONGS ARE AMAZING. Bella's Lullaby is the most beautiful piano peice i've ever heard! It's on my playlist and it's AMAZING.

#1 - TWILIGHT COMES OUT IN LESS THAN A MONTH NOW!!!! November 21... :) :) :)

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ahem, Mormor?

Look what i found!
These are actually for Tiffany, but -hah- i couldn't stand it any longer!

And incase you are wondering, Yes, this is mormor.
..and yes, she is watching wrestling.

And when mom asked her about it she replied, "Yes, i like it!"
ahh, i love her!

Friday, September 26, 2008

the life!

Top Ten Reasons why i haven't blogged in years, and my crazy life!:

10. I have completely lost my taste for homework, period.

9. I have something at least every single night after school except thursdays. And i still don't manage to get much done then!

8. I'm getting used to seminary! And, it's fun!

7. I can't wait for November. Swim Team!!

6. My english teacher gives us LOTS of homework, and he speaks in a monotone 24/7 so its pretty much impossible to actually understand what he's saying.

5. I miss Utah, like crazy.

4. There are no dang mountians here.

3. I wish i was going to Utah for General Conference.

2. I'm actually swimming again! Yay! I haven't swam since my summer team, almost three months! But im getting into shape for the Mustangs. (:

And the number one reason i haven't blogged in a million years,

1. I never really know what to say!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


C. Miltons going good.
It's a lot different than Middle school, im not gonna lie. But i like it way better!
The days just seem to go by a lot faster. (Considering we have only four classes per day and they are each about 85 minutes long.)
At Southampton we had like seven or eight classes i think and they were like 40 minutes long. So its a big change.
I take French I. :) Its pretty fun too! I don't think i have any teachers that my siblings have though, which of corse isn't as fun! haha. But my teachers are great.
So in case any of you were wondering, I just got finished six pages of English homework that took me about two hours and three pages of Earth Science which took me about a half hour. ha! And i still managed to finish my homework at 5:15!
Just how do I do it? I'm really not to crazy about my English teacher. (see enormous amount of homework on the SECOND DAY TEACHING US above.)
And I can't wait untill November when swimming season starts!!!
C. Milton's swim team is going to rock this year. :) I can feel it.

by the way, any of you like my new fancy background??????

Monday, August 4, 2008


My family is amazing.
that's all.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

EFY =)

Yes, I just got back from Utah this MORNING. Might i add, 5:00 am. I slept untill 1:30 pm. in case you were wondering. haha.
Anyway, I had a FABULOUS time at EFY. Gosh, it was just so amazing. I can't wait untill next year!
This is all of us. We had the biggest session of the summer and the biggest company of the session! Our company name was Terrified and Affrighted!

Our councelors...Gosh, they were the best! Hillarie, Michael, Heather, Brett, and Michelle. My councelor was Hillarie, the first girl on the left.
All the girls in my group with Hillarie, our councelor. Ahh! I love them all so much, and they're so beautiful! and I miss them like crazy!

The fourth of july was our last day. We had a huge banquet before the big dance. :) Which was fantastic, by the way.

Okay, More random pictures of people and us!

Our service project was knitting hats. So we took a group picture. haha.
Ahh! I just love it all!!! :)
So after EFY i spent a couple of days with Chris Tiff Brielle and Dean. Which was amazing! They're awesome. I love you guys!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Girls Camp 08!

Ah, yes. The huge tree trunk in the middle of the cabin. Seriously, tree growing through the middle. CRAZY! :)

Blackbird girls. All the kids in our cabin except me. (I was taking the picture.)

Our cabin...Its name is Blackbird. Its even awesomer from the inside. :)

The 2 hour car ride wasn't so bad. We watched Meet the Robinsons the way there. This is the back seat. Ciara, me and Gracie.

Sorry, the pictures are a bit out of order. My blog pictures weren't cooperating very good for me.
I have more. I'lll post them later.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Oh D-d-d-dear!

Tiffany brought Max and Oliver over for a bit this afternoon. I was in the family room when mom started chuckling in the kitchen.

"Amanda, you have to see this."

I walked over, and this is what I found:

Don't even ask me HOW he managed to do that. But it was pretty stuck!

"and we just couldn't help but laugh"

Monday, May 26, 2008

Gather everyone up and watch!

Here's a great idea for next family home evening!
A good old song memorizing night!

Isn't that great?!
And lastly, for your enjoyment:
(I could NOT stop laughing!)

Sunday, May 25, 2008

8th Grade Dance Dress!

I got my 8th grade dance dress yesterday! Mom and I went to Ross together, and found a bunch of stuff to choose from.. And I got this one for $25! I have a nice little outfit planned. :)

...Plus the cute shoes, complements from Chris and Tiff''s Wedding.
And yes, Sarah, they are yours. :)
Of course, I can't post a picture of me IN it just yet, because, well, that would be impractical.
You'll have to wait untill June 6th. Excited!
So comment, and tell me what you think!

Monday, May 19, 2008

I love ipod commericals!

Todays Thoughts:
I LOVE iPod commercials.

I think they're the most entertaining out of all the commercials!
Don't get me wrong, I love ATT cell phone commercials too.. Coke commericals during American Idol are up there on the list too.

Here are some of my favorite ones ever!


Another favorite:

...and ATT....

...and Coke...

I guess i just look for cuteness and awesome songs. haha!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Chick Flick Night!

So, Chick Flick Night is this fun little thing that Me, Cami Bailey, and Hannah Wilson made up.

Us, chicks, get together one friday a month at eachother's houses and watch chick flicks.
Jane Austen, A Walk To Remember, you name it.
So this past Friday was at my house.
Mom and I bought a snowball machine.
and 6 flavors, and marshmallow creme.
And we had us a party. :)

<--- Our Movie! :)

Super Doper Fun!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Family Vacation Anyone??

So Linda got her awesome vacation huh?
Hawaii? Thats awesome.
I've always wanted to go somewhere like that.
Anyone else think that going on a big family vacation somewhere together would be amazingly fun?
yes, yes.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Laundry Messings.

I've been cooped up in my room pretty much all day reading. Harry Potter, and other stuff. ha. :)
So I got bored eventualy and came downstairs. The bathroom mats were on a pile on the floor, and who chose to make a bed out of them?

Coco, thats who.
I just thought that was too cute to pass up. And my camera was right there..

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Most Beautiful Girl in the Room!

This is a video of Dave and Matt Perry singing "The most Beautiful Girl in the Room" at our ward Talent Night. Halarious!

Monday, March 17, 2008

I love my sisters!

I just posted comments on Linda's blog, and i've been thinking.
My sisters are the coolest EVER! are my brothers. haha.
But seriously, you're beautiful, smart, and you have an amazing little sister named Amanda!
Mom and Dad's anniversary was on Saturday. Married for 34 years!
And once again, all my brothers and sisters are the most amazing out there.
Everything you do, your jobs, and intrests...
Anyway, i'd better get to school.
One more thing, We're leaving to go to California on Friday! Super excited. :)

Monday, March 10, 2008

Kay soo...

Does anyone know what Elise's blog url is??
I accidentally deleted my family link list and i can't find her blog anywhere.
So anyone help?!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Pics with contacts!

So here's a picture that i took this afternoon of me..
and i know some of you have been DYING to see me without my glasses! And i was super suprised to see how blue my eyes are! I felt pretty beautiful! :)

You like?

Thursday, February 28, 2008


I got my trial contacts today! I keep them for about three weeks before i throw them away, then i order the long-term ones!
How fun is that? haha.
I got new glasses too. They're pretty awesome.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

America's Funniest Home Videos

This is what happens when you surf Youtube. :) Hah!

Did I mention this is Mormor's favorite show? haha YES WAY! Almost every time we go down to see what she's watching, it's this horrible weird funny show!
(actually she turns it up so loud we can almost picture the videos in our minds when we're sitting in the family room.)
Quite frankly, we're just glad she doesn't watch pro wrestling anymore.
hah! Just kidding, we only caught her doing that a few times..

Anyway, back to AFV, am i the only one who thinks its weird that all these "halarious" videos are of people getting hurt? I think it's awful! I just hurts to watch some of these. But i have to admit, i actually laughed out loud on some of those. And it takes a lot to make me to laugh instead of grimace!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

I think I'm in Love.

...With J-Crew.
No lie. (I heard that saying today and cracked up. i love it!)
Linda's February J-Crew catalaugue came today in the mail, and i couldn't help but look in it! I mean, the front cover was ah-dorable. :)
I saw so many things i wanted! (really, no suprise.. but still, i thought that stuff was amazing)
although, i may not own anything from it for a LOOONG time, it's still awesome.
The dresses were like $250 and i loved them. No fair.
But it was entertaining, and my first look at a J-Crew catalaugue payed off!

Sunday, February 3, 2008


I don't know how many of you saw this on TV, but it's seriously my FAVORITE American Idol Audition. The song seriously gets stuck in your head, but you crack up every time you think about it!

AH-Mazing Event #1

February 19th:
I get fitted for contacts!
I absolutly cannot wait! All my friends say that glasses "complete" my look. I won't be the same without my glasses!
Whatever, I'm still getting them. :)
I'll still wear my glasses sometimes. "Is for Fun"

Happy Superbowl!
Who's gonna win?

Sunday, January 27, 2008

To Make a long story short...

So i haven't blogged really in a while.
All-County was CRAZY this week! I have a 5 hour rehersal on Friday.
I got to skip school :)
3 hour dress-rehersal on Saturday, Concert Saturday night.
Oh, and a 2 hour rehersal on Thursday.
Did i mention we only procticed twice before our concert?
Crazy, huh?

I have to make this short, school tomarrow..
So I miss you all! I found out what days im going to EFY this year!!!!
For those of you who dont know the story: Cami Bailey and I are going to EFY Provo Utah, and we are AMAZINGLY excited. We just found out today that we're going
June30th-July5th. W'll be there for the fourth of July! Isn't that exciting?!
I can't wait! And June 30th is only like, a few days after Girls Camp.
My summer is going to be crazy!! I can't wait! :)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Thats Done!

I finished Eclipse today!
Well, no doubt. I stayed home from school.
I cought a pretty deadly cold yesterday. and i feel like Darth Vader, breathing heavily!
Back to the book: I hated it as much as Bella annoys the heck out of me.
But i loved it as much as i love Edward! hah.
I really like the plot. that whole series, is just amazing.
Stephenie Meyer is a FREAK!
seriously, how does someone come up with something so...perfect?
Ugh, i cannot WAIT untill this fall when Breaking Dawn comes out.
I think it will be SPECTACULAR!
In other news: American Idol starts tonight, in about 45 minutes! :)
Chris and Tuff left today :(
Sorry i couldn't give you guys hugs. haha, you wouldn't want this.
Thank you for the Valentines Day gift!
and thank you for the book Tiff!

It's been a fun weekend.

Friday, January 4, 2008

I finished it #2!!!

These are honestly my favorite books ever!
Even though, i completely agree with Sarah. Bella is such a brat.
But, without her, the books wouldn't be half as good :)
Im off to buy Eclipse tomarrow! I can't wait!
And the same guy who played Cedric Diggory is playing Edward in the movie!
Comes out: December 12, 2008
Cam't wait :)