Friday, January 4, 2008

I finished it #2!!!

These are honestly my favorite books ever!
Even though, i completely agree with Sarah. Bella is such a brat.
But, without her, the books wouldn't be half as good :)
Im off to buy Eclipse tomarrow! I can't wait!
And the same guy who played Cedric Diggory is playing Edward in the movie!
Comes out: December 12, 2008
Cam't wait :)

2 things people said about this!!!! =]:

Tiff said...

Amanda, If you wait a few days I'll bring my copy of Eclipse and you can have it. I like these books too, they are entertaining...but since I have already read it I don't really see any reason why I should not just give it to you!

The Thomas Family said...

I disagree...I think I would actually want to keep reading these retarded books if Bella were a different character!

That's right... I'm done with them. However, I would love to watch the movie with you Amanda, and I will be asking you what eventually happens. You know, after investing time into three books, I might as well know if she picks the vampire or the werewolf.