Sunday, January 27, 2008

To Make a long story short...

So i haven't blogged really in a while.
All-County was CRAZY this week! I have a 5 hour rehersal on Friday.
I got to skip school :)
3 hour dress-rehersal on Saturday, Concert Saturday night.
Oh, and a 2 hour rehersal on Thursday.
Did i mention we only procticed twice before our concert?
Crazy, huh?

I have to make this short, school tomarrow..
So I miss you all! I found out what days im going to EFY this year!!!!
For those of you who dont know the story: Cami Bailey and I are going to EFY Provo Utah, and we are AMAZINGLY excited. We just found out today that we're going
June30th-July5th. W'll be there for the fourth of July! Isn't that exciting?!
I can't wait! And June 30th is only like, a few days after Girls Camp.
My summer is going to be crazy!! I can't wait! :)

5 things people said about this!!!! =]:

The Thomas Family said...

You're going to EFY already????? I can't believe that! Why did you choose Utah??? It's great, you'll have fun on BYU campus, I was just curious why you're not going to Virginia or somewhere that we went.
That will be such a fun summer!

Linda said...

i thought you had to be 14? and I echo sarah's sentiments...east coast EFY's are SO much cooler. keep that in mind for next year. I'm sure you'll still have tons of fun!

just remember who you are and what you stand for. Those provo kids...

amanda said...

You have to be 14 by September
I just barely made the deadline.

Tiff said...

WHATEVER...BYU EFY's are the BEST! I am so excited that you are coming out here! When you make your travel arrangements you MUST stay with us for atleast an extra couple of days!

amanda said...

I know, Tiff!
I'll try to!