Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Thats Done!

I finished Eclipse today!
Well, no doubt. I stayed home from school.
I cought a pretty deadly cold yesterday. and i feel like Darth Vader, breathing heavily!
Back to the book: I hated it as much as Bella annoys the heck out of me.
But i loved it as much as i love Edward! hah.
I really like the plot. that whole series, is just amazing.
Stephenie Meyer is a FREAK!
seriously, how does someone come up with something so...perfect?
Ugh, i cannot WAIT untill this fall when Breaking Dawn comes out.
I think it will be SPECTACULAR!
In other news: American Idol starts tonight, in about 45 minutes! :)
Chris and Tuff left today :(
Sorry i couldn't give you guys hugs. haha, you wouldn't want this.
Thank you for the Valentines Day gift!
and thank you for the book Tiff!

It's been a fun weekend.

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Linda said...

it was such a great weekend! I'm so glad i got to come home for a little while.

Congrats on finishing the series. I think you should start on a seperate peace. REALLY good!

go get it.

Inger said...

Linda, I guess I am slow. What does it mean to start on a separate peace?

The Thomas Family said...

Oh MOM!! I think you better delete that before other people read it!!! I'm sure they didn't have that BOOK in Sweden.

Tiff said...

I love my in-laws...you all crack me up...I can hear your voices in my head when I read your comments! Amanda-Brielle and Dean feal your pain...they are sick too! Hope you feel better soon and we miss you too!

Linda said...

it's a book, ma. a real good book.

maybe you should read it at the same time as amanda. NOT TOGETHER. on your own seperately and then you could discuss it.

like a book club. (they probably don't have that in sweden either)

a book club is when people get together to discuss a book they all agreed to read at the same time. It's a fun activity.

amanda said...

I don't know what a seperate peace is...?
Tiff, Im sorry they are sick too!
Did i get them sick? I hope not!