Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My Pathetic Twilight Story

Alright, I hope this makes you all laugh, because i can't even think about it without chuckling a little!
The Night I went to see Twilight was a disaster. But the best day of my life.
November 21: The Day Twilight came out.
At school, i saw it was snowing, which made me more excited because.. well, who doesn't love snow on the day TWILIGHT of all movies comes out?!
it was perfect, i tell you.
That night at swim practice, i could barely concentrate on what 200 set we were on because i was too excited to see it! At 8:20, my life would start. (And don't mention the melodramatic-ness. I was just too excited.)
And here's when the story gets good.
We're swimming, and the bus driver comes in and informs my coach that there is too much ice on the road and we won't be able to move for about an hour and a half.
Keep in mind that this was at about 5:00. So i was a little scared but i would get home at like 6:45. No sweat. right?
So our team is just chilling in the locker room, the bus driver comes back in. "ANOTHER 50 MINUTES."
Now it's cutting it a little close. I was planning on going home, taking a long shower, curling my hair, borrowing my friend's Twilight shirt to wear to the movie, looking gorgeous like Rosalie...
As long as we move soon, i'll be fine.
It's 7:30. My movie starts in less than an hour.
Why me?
FINNALY, and i mean, FINNALY, we can leave. I practically bomb myself onto the bus and we drive start driving home.
Isabel Braun calls me. And informs me that our friend, Nicole, (who has my ticket for tonight) cannot MOVE out of her house. She lives in the middle of nowhere, pretty much, and has enough ice around her house to ice skate on.
I start to PANIC. I called Nicole and told her to get herself out of that house. I don't care how. Just DO IT.
She tells me she can't... she's really sorry... blah blah blah..
yeah, sure, sorry for ruining my life.
By now, im pretty much in hysterics on the BUS. Thank goodness it was dark outside because i'm pretty sure my face was exploding, i was crying so hard.
I call Isabel again, and her mom is on the phone with my mom, trying to find another way to go tonight. No such luck. After a while Isabel and her mom decide to go tomorrow, with Nicole and want to know if i want to go with them. NO.
Tomorrow is the scout spaghetti dinner at the church, and no way am i missing that.
I tell Isabel she's nuts for going tomorrow.
I get home, still gasping and coughing and sputtering and crying.
I ran through the front door, and moaned, "MOMMM!!!!!!" and threw myself dramatically on the couch. (totally true. i promise. Ask mom.)
Mom tells me how lucky i am that at least i can go tomorrow, but NO! I have to go to church! And besides, it's not the same when you don't see it the night it comes out. It's not as special.
I run upstairs in my room, feeling sorry for myself.
And my mother, for all intents and purposes, (thats a twilight quote) came upstairs with a brilliant idea that we call the theatre and see if there is any more tickets for a later showing tonight. I love her.
There are more tickets!!
In a desperate attempt to make myself look good, (coming straight from swimming) i put on a different sweater than my BAAC swimming oversized monster sweatshirt.
So, I'm driving to the movie theatre, and i just start cracking up.
Mom asks why, and i tell her.
#1: This was so NOT my plan of seeing Twilight the movie of my life.
#2: My hair is still wet.
#3: No Shower. Chlorine is still in my hair.
#4: Hair is not curled pretty.
#5: I never got to go to my friend's house and borrow her Twilight shirt. I'm wearing an American Eagle sweater. not my plan.
#6: No makeup. at all.
And finally, ready for this?
#7: I'm still wearing my bathing suit.

When i realized that, i just about died laughing.
I'm going to the 10:20 showing of my movie, and i look hideous.
And i don't even care.
The movie was amazing, by the way.
And it was super fun going with Linda, Tiffany, Dave, and the Blaylocks again!
Even though... My siblings weren't as excited as i was. Nor as enthusiastic about the whole thing.
But still. I loved it.
So thats the end of my PATHETIC Twilight story. And it still makes me laugh. :)

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MikBella said...

That's a tear jerker right there! You forgot the part where you called me in hysterics. Twas very depressing (although I had already seen the movie, and I was watching WallE, so...) ily, even though you went to Twilight in a bathing suit


The Thomas Family said...

Ha! That is funny, Manda... how dramatic! I'm glad you went anyway! So you've seen it twice only?
I'm borrowing your book over Christmas!

Tiff said...

You are a crack up Amanda! I loved your story! I still have not seen it yet but now I really want to go! Maybe I'll leave the kids with Chris and go see it tomorrow!

Grace said...

i laugh everytime i think of that story!! i told my mom about it and she laughed just as hard as i did when i told her the end of how you still had your bathing suit on!!! I think it is histarical! haha I actually laughed about it in math class the monday after you told me that! and everyone gave me weird looks cuz it was completely quiet until i started laughing!!!! hahaha i still can't got over it! lol luuuuvvvvv youuuu!!!

Likely said...

ohhh..... AMANDA!!!! That story was GREAT!!! and I have to tell you that you just wrote your next personal narrative. It is already done! THAT WAS GREAT. Honestly, from a teacher's standpoint, if you turned that into me, it would be the best in the class. So much personality and emotion and I could just feel it!

I had fun with you when we saw it. You have to admit that David's impressions of Edward afterward were hilarious.

You will treasure this blog entry one day.

Kristin Joy said...
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Linda said...

SO SO SO FUNNY! I cannot believe youre such a drama queen! Don't sweat it, i'm the same way, just not over twilight. I did like the movie though.

So you had like a BILLION years at the pool before you could leave and the thought of taking a shower or changing out of your suit never occured? That has me baffled.

I'm still wiping tears away. funny story manda!