Sunday, May 4, 2008

Chick Flick Night!

So, Chick Flick Night is this fun little thing that Me, Cami Bailey, and Hannah Wilson made up.

Us, chicks, get together one friday a month at eachother's houses and watch chick flicks.
Jane Austen, A Walk To Remember, you name it.
So this past Friday was at my house.
Mom and I bought a snowball machine.
and 6 flavors, and marshmallow creme.
And we had us a party. :)

<--- Our Movie! :)

Super Doper Fun!

5 things people said about this!!!! =]:

Likely said...

so fun! What a fun thing to do with your girlfriends on the weekend. A great tradition. I hope you guys keep it up through the years!

I'll have to think of some good recommendations for all of you!

The Thomas Family said...

Seriously... I love that. Girls never stop wanting or needing to see chick flicks every once in a while, right Linda?
I just saw Enchanted and loved it. THirteen going on Thirty was on TV the other day and I loved it...
there are so many!

Amanda said...

oh yes!
Enchanted, Thirteen going on Thirty...
And we saw Sidney White too.
I thought it was cute!

Linda said...

i love a good chick flick, and that setting is perfect. I find it gets annoying with too many people. For example, i recently went to see Made of Honor with a group of friends and I actually really liked the movie. But the crowd was so so so embarrassing. I mean, do you have to ooh and ahh outloud like that? sing along with the lyrics of the songs? squeal with delight when McDreamy appears on the screen? are we really that lonely and pathetic?

I really don't think we need to be. But I do love a good chick flick with a small group of friends or even by myself in my room!

Inger said...

Amanda, this is a good idea! I mean to ASK other people for suggestions of good "chickflick" movies! One has to be very careful nowadays. Chickflick night is a very good idea as well. Let's do it at our house again soon!