Sunday, May 25, 2008

8th Grade Dance Dress!

I got my 8th grade dance dress yesterday! Mom and I went to Ross together, and found a bunch of stuff to choose from.. And I got this one for $25! I have a nice little outfit planned. :)

...Plus the cute shoes, complements from Chris and Tiff''s Wedding.
And yes, Sarah, they are yours. :)
Of course, I can't post a picture of me IN it just yet, because, well, that would be impractical.
You'll have to wait untill June 6th. Excited!
So comment, and tell me what you think!

5 things people said about this!!!! =]:

lesliehahaha said...

that is a very cute dress ;-)

Benjamin said...

Hey, it's Sarah!!

LOVE the dress, so cute! Have fun at the dance! i'm glad you're wearing my shoes!

Tiff said...

Love the dress, love the shoes, love the idea of you going to a dance! Gosh...sometimes I still catch myself telling people that Chris has an 8 year old sister...the last 6 years have gone SO quickly! Have fun!

seth & geri said...

Um yes, I am stalking you. :) Cute dress. You should probably take me shopping sometime!

Likely said...

You look bee-autiful in that dress!!!!! I would seriously wear it if it was my size, or if I looked like you!

Your hair look ah-mazing too in that top pic. Godd job Geri!