Thursday, February 28, 2008


I got my trial contacts today! I keep them for about three weeks before i throw them away, then i order the long-term ones!
How fun is that? haha.
I got new glasses too. They're pretty awesome.

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Likely said...

I thought about you today and I wondered if you would post something and you did! I wanted to call you but my charger is broken and my phone is dead. I can only charge it in the car and david had the car. phew.

How do they feel?

Amanda said...

They're okay! You really get used to them after a while. And my eyes need to get used to them so i add 2 hours every day for how long i can wear them. today im on 8 hours!

The Thomas Family said...

Super! That's exciting and I'm sure you look great without glasses and with the new ones. I can't wait to see you with both... Make sure and post pictures soon!!

james & natalie said...

i sure hope your contacts work out better than mine. i did the three week trial thing and it lasted about three days. i hated them. but then again, i am sort of a baby and i have a low tollerance for pain. ask me how i feel about giving birth in 8 weeks. ahhhh!