Friday, December 29, 2006

Yummy in my tummy!

yum! is that enough for a "rumbly in your tumbly"??

haha! i never really knew what that came from...

Winnie the Pooh!!! duh.

im serious. the creator of that little cartoon...

[ Walt Disney???]

was amazing. making that cute little bear!

and that cute little piggy! and that... well not so cute.. Tigger!

oopsie. okay folks. this is an exmple on how easy i can get off task.

what about that cute little kid?? Christopher robin?? my brother's name is christopher...... anyway!!!! oh BOY! does that look yummy! i just LOVE chocolate ice cream!

jeez. im feeling very random today... as im blogging this, im thinking about those wonderful things called carbohydrates that everybody loves... and hates at the same time! how weird is that i ask you?!?! i just don't understand people sometimes. ugh. i still haven't gotten to the point of this blog. hah! okay, here we go.

Other Favorite foods of mine that im sure other people love and hate because of that little thing called.....[class responds] CARBOHYDRATES!!!!!

ah... Twix. its a wonderful cookie bar and carmel covered in chocolate! =] wonderful i tell you. wonderful. remember when you used to just suck off all the chocolate and carmel and just eat the cookie? those were the days.... [now actually. i still do that!]

Yes yes! the nerd rope - - - - - - ->

classic NERDS stuck to a gummy string! so simple. and yet sooo yummy!
Well folks, here, you have seen how i can compare an icecream sundae with winnie the pooh, winnie the pooh to carbs, and all that to twix and wonka nerd ropes. my work here, is done.

4 things people said about this!!!! =]:

Linda said...

Amanda,It is amazing how you have gotten away with a childhood the rest of us just longed for! I never had ANY of that crap until I was old enough to buy it myself (or I guess Halloween, I lie).

But Still!!! You should blog about a time you were forced to scarf salad as your brothers and sisters harrassed yummy in your tummy? !

Good blog!! I look forward to more musings of amanda!

Tiffany said...

HA HA HA!!!! You crack me up. You are so computer savvy and I love it. Maybe you can help me with MY blog!!!! I love you!

AhManDuh said...

sure thing tiffany! haha!

Sarah said...

Yes yes, I agree with Linda.
Write a blog on how your sister says you'll get cancer one day because you're so malnurished. But then how she does your nails and is nice... but then how she bugs you about EATING YOUR SALAD! Amanda, I do it out of love.