Saturday, March 3, 2007

Young Minds.... and shrimp.

Remember when you were little and you only wanted things because they were your favorite color? Who cares what it is? It's PINK!

I remember when i was about 6 or 7 and going to some ancient grocery store.

... getting to the Noodle isle and checking out the soups, .... crying a bit after i couldn't get that macaroni and cheese shaped in little cartoon characters....

Anyway, getting to the shelf with the Top Ramen solved all my problems.

i checked out every little colored wrapped package, but i ALWAYS got the pink one. ALWAYS.

so that was my ONE thing i got to get on that trip! I got home.

Mommy cooked my "pink noodles". I ate it. I gagged. I hated it. I always thought it would taste better every time i bought it. It didn't. So, for the next few years or so, i bought this nasty stuff. why did i do it? because it was pink.

So time went by... i learned to read! guess what else i learned?

that Pink ramen is SHRIMP FLAVORED. SHRIMP?!

come on.

Well that officially shattered my dreams of loving that Pink package someday.

I still hate it.

haha! so thats my random story for the day! Anybody else have a story like this?

3 things people said about this!!!! =]:

Linda said...

That's awesome!!! Amanda you rock! Do you know how many times I try to like sushi and just gag everytime! (well the cheap stuff. I can eat the stuff that's 20 bucks a role)

great story!

amanda said...

haha! i knew i haden't blogged in a "far far away time" i'd been thinking about blogging something like this for a while! I can't wait to see you!!! 11 more days!

Sarah said...

AMANDA! Funny... but do you remember the details to the story??? It was me who loved the Shrimp flavor Ramen soup and you liked to eat it with me (Probably because it was pink) and then when you wanted Ramen Soup Noodles you didn't know the name for it you would just say, "I want shrimp". It was soooo cute!!