Sunday, September 16, 2007

I miss you guys!

So yesterday Mom and I were in the car listining to Bread. :)
And the song "He's a Good Lad" came on.
and of course, mom and i start feeling sad!!
because we think of Chris and Tiff.
Watching their wedding video over and over. and when that song came on we lost it.
Then i realized how much i missed my family!! It's seriously A LOT.
And thats not the only song that makes my miss my family.
How 'bout "Somewhere Only We Know"? by Keane
That one makes me miss Sarah so much!!
It makes me think of our night drive to Canada, singing at the top of our lungs... Modest Mouse.. Keane...The Postal Service..
you get the idea.

Wait.. theres more.
Elise. Our song is "Candygirl". I have no clue who it's by, but it sure reminds me of her!
Dave and Tiffany's special song is the Cotton Eyed Joe!
no kidding.
That one day when we were all in the car, and Tiffany turned on the Cotton Eyed Joe. Max was going wild! It was seriously the funniest day of my life with him!
I think Tiffany wrote a blog about it too...

Last but not least, Linda.
She's got so many songs! But if i had to choose, it would probrably be any song by Peter Boujn and John. or ANYTHING we sang along to in the car!
Wicked is a must. and the Sound of Music..

Well thats really all i had to say.
I miss all of you guys so much!
Do any of you have songs that remind you of me??
Please tell me!

I love you all! :)

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Benjamin said...

OH Amanda!!!! I'm so glad you have songs that remind you of me, and everyone. Me too, actually. Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" reminds me of Elise and Dan from the first Christmas they were home in MD (REO Speedwagon too)... and Def Lepard reminds me of Linda, etc. etc. Metalica reminds me of Dave... Zombie by The Cranberries reminds me of Chris from when he would blast it in the basement getting ready for school.

Hmmm... I always think of you when I hear Modest Mouse (from my little stint in Maryland when I had mono) and that song by Weezer "Back to the Good Life" or something... I remember singing that with you while Dave played the guitar and I was SO impressed that you knew all the words!

I love you!

Benjamin said...

Oh, and it's Sarah, not Ben. :)

Linda said...

Holy Crap Amanda!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post! Just the other day I was driving to work and The London Bridge song came on and I thought about my last trip home and you and I were singing along! and you looked so pretty and I missed you SO MUCH right then! You Rock!

So many songs remind me of Dave-songs by bread and weezer, strong enough by sheryl crow, and more.

Tiffany- the innocence mission, architecture in helsinki, 80's wailers, etc

Chris-metallica, B52's (I know he stole my CD), and country!

Elise- Led Zepplin, Erasure, Def Leapord

mom and dad- bread, vivaldi, carmen, the classics

The Thomas Family said...

FINE, Linda, I see how it is.

Linda said...

holy crap SARAH!! hahahahaha!!!!

I really didn't mean to do that--what songs remind me of you?

how about all the songs on Sarah's Bomb Mix playlist that I still have on my ipod 4 yrs later...

Beck, coldplay, keane, postal service

But most of all Sara Brightman's Here with me, and the white stripes seven nation army. those two belong to you.

Inger said...

Hi Amanda, what song reminds you of mom???

Tiffany said...

Mom- NIN. I think it is them? There was that one song, Dave knows which one I'm talking about.
Dad - His German yodeling cassette, the lone ranger record, the bumblebee song on piano.
Elise - Erasure, B52's, Star Wars soundtrack, learning to dance her freshman year at BYU.
Dan - White Snake
Dave - Metallica, Nirvana, Doors, Bread, soooo many others.
Linda - Weezer, Def Leopard, ABBA
Sarah - Weezer, Def Leopard, ABBA
Amanda - I really wish I knew. I miss you and love you very much.


Tiffany said...

Amanda, YES, I just remembered - you remind me of Gwen Stephani. I don't remember how old you were but you came out to visit us and you knew all the words to Tiffs G.S. cd and we were both surprised.

Chris and Tiff

Tiffany said...

This is fun.

Dean and Inger - Mo Tab, opera (Dean) and only on Italian night), ABBA, Yellow Brick Road and Uptown Girl (Inger), Light a Rose

Mormor - Adios Amigo (good one huh amanda?)

Chris - Beastie Boys, "Shadows will fall", Joyschool (because that is the first song Dave ever played for me on his guitar and he sang with Chris on that crazy lime green couch in the condo)

Linda - Arch. in Helsinki, death cab, classic 80's, anything new and good that she introduces me to.

Sarah- all dance music (i.e. MJ, Madonna, snoop) whenever I'm bustin a move I think where is Sarah? Also Snoop and the like from our flag football days.

Amanda- EVERYBODY DANCE NOW!, Weezer, Napolean Dynamite music