Sunday, July 1, 2007



so i haven't exactly blogged recently. I just never know what to blog about! i need some suggestions. So anyway, a LOT has happned.

1. I went to the Science Center with my friend Jessica on Memorial Day..

YAY!!! yay, for the Science Center!!!!

Carrying on.

#2. I did some amazilgly fun things with some friends!!! :)

Thats Me, Ciara, and Max!!!

AAAnd... that would be me at Claires. haha.

isn't that mask sweet?

Thats me and Kristyn. She's practicly my un-related SISTER!


Me and Ciara !
..and my sweet shades :)
Well, thats pretty much it for now.

2 things people said about this!!!! =]:

The Thomas Family said...

Finally! Sounds fun, Manders!

Linda said...

Blog more often!!! seriously... you have great pictures. It's fun to see what you and your friends are doing!!

love you!!